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Aetna, BCBS, Medicare, Medica, Preferred One, Davis Vision, Spectera, VSP, Superior Vision, Avesis, MES Vision (Costco employees only) 

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Eye Examinations:

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Contact Lens Fitting and Evaluation: 

Exams for contact lenses include additional test that are typically not performed during the routine eye examination.  If you want a prescription for contact lenses make sure the optometrist is aware you are interested before the exam begins. After further testing, the optometrist will provide you will a contact lens brand and prescription that will work best for your eyes. 

Please Note: Our office offers contact lens training for new contact lens wearers.  

Eye Examinations:

    From $94.00 *routine glasses exam​

    $165-215 for comprehensive exam

Eye Examination with Contact Lens Fitting and Evaluation:

    Starting at $138.00

* Specialty, toric, and new contact lens wearer is additional. ​​

Please Note: Our office is separate from Costco and we accept the following types of payments: Visa, Disc, Master, Amex, checks, cash, HSA/ FSA accounts. 

Comprehensive Eye and Vision Examinations: 

When should you have an eye exam? 

Annual eye examinations is a significant part of preventive health care. Numerous eye and vision problems do not have any obvious signs or symptoms that can be detected. Early diagnosis and treatment of eye problems can help prevent vision loss or future complications. 

What is tested during an eye exam? 

During the examination, the doctor will go through a series of preliminary tests to determine your best visual acuity. These tests include: reading an eye chart, eye pressure test for glaucoma, color vision, peripheral vision, how your pupils respond to light, and eye muscle movement. After your assessment, the doctor will write a prescription if glasses are needed. 

What is the benefit of having your eyes dilated? 

To provide the most thorough evaluation of the inside health of your eyes, it may be necessary to administer eye drops to dilate your pupils. By dilating your pupils, the doctor will get a full view of the retina. Therefore, detect early stages of eye disease or conditions. Dilatation may temporarily blur your vision and may cause light sensitivity.